Leonora - a captivating aerial tissu dance with dramatic moves and dynamic drops performed to modern opera music.


Celtica – a graceful solo aerial act with a beautiful and enchanting soundtrack to touch the hearts of the audience. ( Also available as a duo)


Feeling Good – an exciting aerial Jazz cabaret act with dynamic moves and drops.
To get your audience ‘in the mood’!

Length of performance: 4 – 8 min.

Titel Solo
Luchtact Jo Emmet
Luchtact Jo Emmet
Luchtact Jo Emmet
Luchtakrobatiek Solo

Jo Emmet has a variety of solo tissu acts available and solo acts can also be specially made to suit the theme of your event.

For more details see below!

Solo acts can also be performed to live music and DJ sets. Acts can also be designed to music of your choice.


Technical Requirments:
Required Height: 5 – 10 metres
Fixed Hanging Point: min. load 500kg

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